The Financial Genome Project (FGP) is an ambitious project designed to map out the entire financial genome. It’s a comparison to the Human Genome Project. Too many of us try to navigate through the financial world without knowing where we’re going. It’s like playing Monopoly with a group of friends and not knowing all the rules.


Map every aspect of the financial genome we’ve created as a human species. Provide tools for individuals, companies, and governments that allow all entities inside the financial genome to know about the impact they have on each other.


Create an interactive community to navigate through the financial genome, and know about the path to desired outcomes. Provide a proactive information to better the human species and help evolve the financial genome through apps, websites, software, and communities.


The Financial Genome Project is simply a blog right now.  Read about the Motivation behind this site and where I’d like to take it in 2019.  The next step is to start implementing interactivity into the infographics so readers can explore the financial genome.  The next step is to create a life-simulation app where they can simulate financial and life decisions, and using the Financial Genome, can see the impacts from a micro-level all the way up to the farthest macro-level.  Lastly, I’d like to see the Financial Genome turn into an economic-predictive software and become a hedge fund.


Using the Human Genome Project to help guide my actions, I will continue to map out how the financial genome works.  I update this infographic with each chapter I write.  As I mentioned above, this will become interactive where a reader can click on the picture and it will take the reader to the appropriate chapter.  For now, it’s just a static picture, which will be updated after each chapter.  Enjoy the website and share it with as many people as you can.

Financial Genome Project – The Other Variable Expenses